digital transformation of key accounts


For 10 years now, we have been supporting the digital transformation of large accounts and small companies. We bring them operational value for a more humanized IS.

Our consultants manage your projects in synergy with your employees. They know how to adapt to different contexts according to your challenges. Their dynamism, their team spirit, their sense of initiative and co-construction are the DNA of Welaxio Management.



A Human Capital always valued is a way of being and for that there is no method. We created this impulse at the very beginning of Welaxio Management and since then we share this state of mind in our teams and with yours. Our consultants are not numbers, they are the firm and we like working together.

Our successes are linked to these common values, to the involvement of our collaborators and to the talents we have gathered for you.

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transformation digitale des grands comptes Intelligence Artificielle, Machine Learning, RPA Robotic Process Automation Smart Automation, Data Gouvernance, Cloud



The challenges of the digital transformation of major accounts are boosting innovation.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, RPA (Robotic Process Automation), Smart Automation, Data Governance, Cloud... the challenges are numerous.

Business and technology strategies are becoming inseparable and inseparable, one cannot go without the other.

These changes, combined with the massive and rapid arrival of new technologies, are opening a new era, where IT architecture takes precedence and where the choice of technological pathway structures the competition.

The need for consulting, and in particular for digital transformation consulting, has never been greater.

Welaxio Management, a firm specialized in Digital Transformation, has earned the trust of its clients through a triple approach:

Expertise in digital transformation to propose innovative operational solutions

Collective intelligence to bring together know-how and knowledge towards a common goal of success

Change management based on the development of human capital to guarantee results